The Team

Our team is “Your Team”. We work for you. You can take comfort in knowing that the Meal Planner Pro crew is working each and every day to make your life easier.

Meet the Team - in no particular order.

Commodore Allen

  • 20 years of proven business experience.
  • Co-founded and developed the first Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) to include both the United States and Canadian business listings.
  • Designed and proposed the first Facebook application that would allow their members to social network outside of Facebook itself.
  • Holds one U.S. patent application and is working on two more.

Steen Keewatin

Lead Mobile App Developer

Steen is our brilliant young mobile app coder. A computer science student at the University of Alberta, he has the ability to master computer languages and problem solve under pressure. He knows what makes a cool app these days. Just as importantly he makes them user friendly. It's not easy to balance these two objectives.

Duy Nguyen (Michael)

Lead Programmer

As a Vancouver Island University Bachelor of Science and Major in Computer Science graduate, Michael brings much to the team. If you consider the home building analogy, he would be the framer, plumber, electrician and other trades. When you search member recipes, create a personal profile, search the consumer packaged goods database etc., you can see his work in action.

Vy Pham

Lead Designer

As an honor graduate of Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON, Vy aspires to one day be a recognized talent in the design world. We believe that she will be. We gave Vy a difficult design challenge. Take all of Meal Planner Pro’s content and features and create a nice clean, easy to navigate website. This is much harder to do than meets the eye. She accomplished this objective with flying colors. We look forward to seeing her grow as a designer. Oh yeah... Vy is our interior decorator and curb appeal professional.

Steffi Sjoquist

Data Entry/Tester

Steffi wears a lot of different hats. She is responsible for data entry and then testing how well our site is working to identify any glitches. We’ve spent a great deal of time in testing to ensure our commitment towards quality. Meal Planner Pro is an ongoing development so if you find any problems, Steffi will most likely be your contact. Her friendly customer service and outgoing personality is a welcome addition to the team.


Our panel of Registered Dietitians (RD's) strives to provide accurate and authoritative information on nutrition and diet. It was important that we provide this information in a form that is light-hearted, sensible, and captivating, while being tailored to the needs of our audience. It is also our mandate that the information is inspiring, motivational and constantly on the cutting-edge of food sciences.

Maricel Reddy, RD

Owner of Wholesum Nutrition/Educator

Maricel received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba and is a graduate of the Capital Health Regional Dietetic Internship Program in Edmonton (1997). Over the years, Maricel has worked as a Registered Dietitian in a variety of clinical and outpatient settings focusing on Cardiology, Critical Care, Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Hypertension and weight loss. Since 2003, Maricel has used her knowledge and skills from her previous skills to venture out into private nutrition consulting and start WholeSUM Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Maricel has captivated audiences throughout Alberta with her dynamic and engaging presentations on a wide variety of nutrition topics. She is the “ideas” person and loves to think out of the box to deliver dynamic and effective nutrition messages and presentations.

As a wife and mom with four young children, Maricel has firsthand experience with balancing active living, a career and a family while maintaining healthy eating habits.

Maricel is dynamic and energetic, and when not pursuing her love of traveling, she enjoys spending time with family and entertaining friends. She is also known for her fabulous cooking, always creating new recipes and fusing different cuisines together!

Maricel is a member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta, and the Dietitians of Canada and has served as the Chair of the Dietitians of Canada Continuing Education Committee in the past.

Jennifer Livingstone, RD


Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Alberta with a bachelor degree in Home Economics. In 1997, Jennifer completed her Dietetic Internship with the Capital Health Authority Regional Dietetic Internship. She has worked as a Registered Dietitian for the past 12 years, specializing in the areas of food service and education.

Jennifer has extensive experience food service operations spending 10 years of her career in multi-operation organizations. Some of her broad skill set includes procurement, systems development / implementation, food service finance as well as facility design.

More recently, Jennifer worked as an educator in a post-secondary institution providing instruction in a variety of nutrition and food service courses. She loves to teach nutrition, bring new ideas, and spark interest with her students. Jennifer believes in a practical, hands-on approach to nutrition education that is client focused.

Outside of work, Jennifer is a busy mother of two pre-schoolers. She is active in athletics and volunteers as a committee member with the College of Dietitians of Alberta.